Monday, October 5, 2009

High School Senior Reps

I am looking for a DESERVING high school student from each of the high schools in the St Louis metro area for a free session. The session will include a full sitting, a CD with high resolution retouched images and a full copyright release. I am asking that nominations be sent to my email at or call me at 618-223-1541. I want a lot of people to be nominated! Nominate yourself too!! I will choose one senior from each high school, please list your name, age, high school you attend and why you or the person you are nominating deserves this. I am going to be announcing this by the end of October and seniors must be ready for portraits this fall! They will be great and I think this is a great opportunity that when you give something to the community and/or your peers you will be rewarded with options like these! I am looking for people who want to have FUN, CREATIVE, AND UNIQUE portraits like no one else in your class! Give me a call or email and we will make a memory to last a lifetime!!

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