Thursday, January 7, 2010


So, to all my awesome customers out there - I need your help! I have met an amazing family that is struggling. Let me start at the beginning. These wonderful and kind people have 7 children. They have adopted 3 from Haiti. After delivering their 7th child in December, "M" went back to work to find out he had been laid off from his job. 7 children to support and no job. While "N" is recovering from a C-Section, not to mention she home schools each and every one of her kiddos. (I told you they are amazing). So, All Hearts Photography wants to help!

Saturday, January 30th, I will be having an all day special - Ashley "M" has offered her home in Godfrey IL to kindly host us so we will be indoors . It will have a valentine's theme(which is wicked cute btw) if you want it or we can do white background alone. The choice will be yours! This special will be $30 for a disc of images - per immediate family. 100% of profits will go directly to the Runyon family!! So, spread the word, let's help this family start 2010 out right! Call or email me to make an appointment. 618-223-1541 or

*Donations are greatly appreciated

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